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this is getting more random

correction: it's getting more deep.

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Name:Allen Bishop
Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:United States of America
Website:lol my livejournal

I'm Allen and I'm awful.

Interests (118):

.hack, 90-minute cutscenes, akihiko's fashion sense, art, astrobiology, bad movies, bastion, being a homofactory, being raikou shimizu, birds, bl, brave story, browns and beige, butts, buttsax, can you eat a nautilus, canada, carl sagan, complaining about the hunger games, con air, corgis, crossovers, cryptozoology, cute rpgs, cuttlefish, cyberbullying the nabari fandom, dark brown, debunking, did you say nerd, digimon, dinosaurs, dragon age, earth tones, earthbound, eden of the east, eels, evangelion, evolution, fanart, final fantasy, frogs, gakurans, gravity falls, guild wars 2, heather mason, heroes of saiga, hideo kojima, historical inaccuracy, homestuck, homolust, homosexual ninjas, hourou musuko, hunter x hunter, hyenas, i need scissors 61, is, joke interests, kanji tatsumi, karkat vantas bridezilla, katamari damacy, katsuya is drunk, liar game, light brown, lux-pain, mass effect, mawaru penguindrum, metal gear solid, mirai nikki, monster rancher, motorcity, my little pony, nabari no ou, nicholas cage, nnno, no. 6, okami, persona, persona 2, pokemon, ps1-era rpgs, puella magi madoka magica, qwop, radioactive voodoo drugs, redwall, reizo's slim hips, retconning out mgs4, revolver ocelot's puzzle dungeon, robot fights, rpgs, sandwich stonk, science, sengoku basara, shin megami tensei, shots shots shots shots shots, silent hill, silver-haired dudes, snakes, snatcher, space, squaresoft, sunny has two daddies, taishou era, tales of vesperia, the baby is you, the f+, the incredible hulk, the lhc is my spirit animal, the world ends with you, they might be giants, tiger and bunny, torchlight yaoi festivals, troy baker, tsuritama, two best friends play, ufo endings, weh, werewolves, yume nikki

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