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 This is a post for more personal reference than anything else, so it will not be the most coherent/well-explained stuff you could imagine. Comment if you have questions or really want to point out how awful this is and how bad I should feel about it.

I'm noticing an imbalance... )Granted, here I am just talking about games that have had an impact on me. Books, film, television/animation, artwork in other forms, and my own interests in real-world science, history, geography, and other academic topics have also had an impact on my creative output! As they arise, I will record them, hopefully in their own post.
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 Look, I had a really nice post typed up and then Chrome and my stupid fucking touchpad problems ate it, so I'm going to make this as quick and plain as possible because I am out of patience.

ludonarrative! there, i said it, am i a games critic now? )
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 Here's something I find really interesting about (the original four) Silent Hill games: their cross-cultural nature.

cults cults cults )
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I will give the games industry this: it has made tangible progress. The fact that games have gay options at all is a positive sign of the times- a decade ago, I would not have enough of a pool of reference to make this article in the first place.

That said: within the games that have a protagonist that is not obligatorily heterosexual, there is a troubling trend. All homosexual protagonists can only be homosexual by player choice, and are coded bisexual by the game's inherent structure.

This is a bit long. Click to read the rest. )
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I talk about game design and do amateurish criticism, and I plan on posting more of it here on Dreamwidth. For the sake of context, I'm going to use this post to link to all of the old writing on games and shit from my Livejournal days that I've got floating around.

Matters of Scale
The Medium Makes the Message
A Little History
Thoughts on Yaoi (not 100% about games but still relevant meta)
untitled MGS meta crap
Meta on Solid Snake
Naoto Shirogane Meta
some incoherent mgs4 postmortem that i still can't parse">

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