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  Sometimes, I worry that as a man who has a binary gender identity, I have no right to speak in queer spaces! Obviously being a guy without any shades of genderqueeritude doesn't make me not queer, but I also feel like with the state of rhetoric in the community being what it is, my input is unneeded and probably wrong.

I don't normally like to talk about this, especially not in the "let me explain all of my labels and oppressions to you" sense, but I guess I want to put thoughts out. I'm not sure that as an FTM guy who is functionally bisexual I actually have any right to have a voice or share my opinions. Since I'm a dude, my identity is binary, and I won't lie when I say that I'm functionally bisexual because I've never met a genderqueer person that I'd want to be in a relationship with. This probably makes me a Bad member of the Community.

Am I right in this assumption? Dreamwidth, tell me your thoughts. Is someone like me better off not getting involved or speaking in queer spaces?

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Date: 2012-01-04 07:48 pm (UTC)
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Thinking in terms of who's a "Good" member of the queer community and who's a "Bad" member is more of that polarizing thinking, and something you need to drop before you can clearly discuss, IMO.

I'd say you have a right to your own opinion, always, whether you're "queer enough" or not, but the real question is whether that opinion is needed in certain discussions should be the key factor. Realizing that your experience, specifically, does not match up to what's actually being discussed and taking the time to think that maaayyybeeee your opinion isn't terribly needed here, either because it's irrelevant to the situation or privileged in some sense or whatever, is important. Not flagellating yourself for your circumstances and groveling at the feet of the Internet for some scraps of their acceptance.

Really, Ramen, this question isn't something you can have answered by other people -- you have to do the hard work yourself and find your own answers. The above is just my two cents I've gleaned from speaking with other queer people and reading up on my own, and it's probably poorly articulated.

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